Yeah, it’s the Holiday Season. So What?

new yearI am not a fan of holidays, generally speaking. I might have gone over this before, but I am not someone who waits for permission or reason to celebrate. I look at life as a celebration; every day rife with opportunity to cheer, rejoice, or otherwise make merry.

That said, it is almost Halloween, so I might as well start talking about Thanksgiving. So much happens in the delis in preparation for this day of days. Turkey starts roasting, potatoes get mashed, gravy gets stirred, and pumpkins turn into magical treats before your eyes. If it wasn’t for the actual holidays, I would enjoy this time of year very much.

This is what you can expect from the Co-op Delis this year:

  • Pumpkin desserts: pie, cake, brioche, muffins.
  • Turkey: Roasted and delicious
  • Potatoes: all kinds of goodness in all kinds of ways
  • Gravy: Vegan and traditional (and the vegan is actually quite good, but don’t tell my brother I said that)
  • Stuffing: a bit of this and a bit of that makes our stuffing quite tasty
  • Pies. fruit, chocolate cream, pecan and all other kinds of yumminess; vegan, alternative sugar sweetened and all other type of allergen-free goodness available

So get down to the delis and buy what you need to prepare for the upcoming federally prescribed holidays. Start stretching out that tummy now for the big day. Go into big meal training so Thanksgiving doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to start working out again.

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Cake Face Winner!!!!



The winner of the cake face competition is Emily McDonald!!!  Here is a pic of her darling son, enjoying The Co-op’s famous storm cloud cake. Here is the story that came along with her entry:

“I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when I was seventeen. We do birthday’s up big in my family. Having a decorated bakery cake was a part of my birthday tradition. I have been getting Co-op cakes for my birthday since I was diagnosed and they are AMAZING! Raspberry cloud cake has been my long time favorite. There are a few gluten filled foods that I pine for but cake is not one of  them because co-op cake is so excellent.

My son is also on a gluten-free diet, he doesn’t have to miss out on those experiences either because we have the co-op. Here he is trying out some Storm Cloud Cake, a new spin on the raspberry cloud cake, that Mom and Max both love!”


Emily and Max will be enjoying their favorite Co-op cake once a week throughout the month of October.

I will too.

But it might be once a day for me.

It is my birthday month, after all….

Make Your Own Bit of Heaven

grab n go 013I won’t talk about cake today, I promise. Well, maybe not until the end of the post. Sauces, dips, and spreads are on my mind today, and I want to tell you, if you haven’t taken a peak at the new stuff in the grab n go cases at the Cordata and Downtown co-ops, you are missing out. Why? Because The Community Food Co-op is all about empowerment.

We provide outstanding meals and snacks in our grab n go for you, yes, but we also want you to have the power to do as you will. That includes offering some of our more popular sauces; Aji Verde, Piri Piri or Teriyaki for example. We are all about helping you make your own heavenly delight of a dish that will thrill your whole family, your friends, or, if you are a loner like I am, just you. I am very fond of thrilling myself with a well-prepared meal every now and then, and with these sauces, it is that much easier.

You can try to duplicate the dishes that we produce or come up with your own. You can combine the sauces with the marinades, the dressings with the dips, the sauces with the spreads…really, the mind boggles at the possibilities.

So swing for the fences and try our fantastic salad dressings, our amazing marinades, and our spectacular sauces. And don’t forget to pick up some cake for dessert. Cake is the best way to finish any meal. I should know, I am a huge fan of breakfast cake, eaten right after I finish off my bacon and eggs.


ALSO…the deadline is fast approaching for the Cake Face Contest.

The Details:

Enter between August 15th and September 15th by sending in a Cake Face pic to me at You must be shown eating a piece of Community Food Co-op cake, and with this piece of evidence, tell me why this cake is so special to you.

Feel free to also share your Cake Face on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds tagged #coopcakeface. Remember to email your entry and contact info to me so we can let you know if you win!



What Tomorrow Is.

Do you know what tomorrow is? It is the exciting and wonderful kick-off to our Show Us Your Cake Face contest.

The contest runs for only a month, and the winner will be announced on the 22nd of September. The winner gets a free piece of cake once a week for the month of October.

10516686_10152642854969458_7327863623213464913_nIn order to kick it off, I brought a Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake down to Portland, OR to share with friends and take pictures. They all loved it, but were quite sad that they could not enter the contest due to geography. Yes, Bellinghamsters, you have an opportunity and cool thing not even Portanders have. They think they’re so cool, but they are not cool enough to enter their Cake Face.

Here are the rules again:

Enter between August 15th and September 15th by sending in a Cake Face pic to me at You must be shown eating a piece of Community Food Co-op cake, and with this piece of evidence, let me know why this cake is so special to you.

Feel free to also share your Cake Face on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds tagged #coopcakeface. Please remember to also email your entry and contact info to Sara, so we can let you know if you win!

The winner will be notified on September 22nd. Cake eating will commence in October.

It will be epic.

Cake is the Answer to Every Question

It is true. Cake is the answer to every question, when you have your priorities in order. For instance, The Co-op’s Show Us Your Cake Face contest starts in just under two weeks, and now, the amazing people behind the scenes at the Co-op are working on promotions and services in order to serve the Co-op’s cake eaters in more efficient and delicious ways.

Exhibit A:

Lemon-Cloud-Cake_MG_1099This, as you might know, is The Co-op’s Lemon Cloud cake. Beautiful, isn’t it? This isn’t here just because it’s pretty, though. Pictures are being taken people. We are in the midst of creating a service book for our customers which will describe in detail all of The Co-op’s glorious baked goods. All the information that is important to you; what is organic, where we get our apples, EVERYTHING. Our goal is to have the service book finished in time for the holidays. Fueled on wild dreams and amazing cake, we might just make our deadline.

Exhibit B:

Lemon-Cloud-Cake_MG_1106This is my hand holding a fork with delicious lemon cloud cake artfully balanced  on its prongs. I had the good fortune to be present during the photo shoot, you see, so I did what I could to help by holding forks and eating cake that was no longer being used. Have I mentioned how great my job is? A lot of that, as you might expect, has to do with cake.


Which brings me back to the point of this post. With just two exhibits, I have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that CAKE IS THE ANSWER TO EVERY QUESTION.

Next time someone asks you something, do me a favor and simply reply, “cake.” See what happens. Then let me know. I would really love to hear about it.


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