Goat Butter and Chocolate…….Enjoy them while you can.

Chocolate and Goat’s milk products. One might think they have nothing in common. One would be wrong, but one could still think that and receive no judgment whatsoever from me. At least, not that one would be aware of.

I receive many different articles on food from all over the world, and the news out of Britain right now is that both chocolate and Goat’s milk products will be in short supply and will therefor cost much more the closer we get to Christmas.chocolate I can now officially say to all the people who have not yet invested in Chocolate or coffee beans for that matter, “I told you so”. Please visualize me standing on a chair and pointing to the heavens as these words leave my lips. It is much more effective that way. No judgment though. Just a declaration of supreme righteousness and moral superiority.

British officials warn that due to a cull of over 50,000 pregnant goats and ewe in 2009 and 2010, Goat’s milk products will be going up in price substantially. As for chocolate, supply is down and demand is growing. Especially in China, so they say. I could go into more detail about this, but it is much easier to supply you with this link. I will also give you this link here. Never let it be said that I think your education is unimportant.chocolate goats

What does that have to do with the co-op? Well, it is always about sustainability and big picture planning. As with any crop that comes across the great big ocean, chocolate is a highly volatile and unpredictable item to rely upon long-term, and coffee is not far behind.

Additionally, the Co-op’s cheese department just so happens to carry a wide variety of goat’s milk cheeses (even goat butter!) whose prices will most likely be adversely affected by the recent events in Europe.

What can we do as a community? Hoard chocolate? Raise goats? Demonstrate against the consumption of chocolate in China? I would have to say in all cases, no. But, I would tell you, as one responsible shopper to another, to make sure and enjoy all of your delicious foods this holiday season, and remember that many of them are local, but many more of them are not, and might not be around forever. I won’t even go into what almond producers are doing in order to ensure that the trees are pollinated properly.

In sum, the world is changing, and the one it is changing into might not have chocolate, goat’s cheese, almonds, coffee, or wine in it. So live in the present and enjoy it while you can.


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