Happy New Year with Real Food

Here we are, at the beginning of next year, all ready to roll out our seasonal menu. What does that mean? So many wonderful things:new year

We will never use any of the dirty dozen in a recipe unless it is organic.

Our salads, entrees and soups will now contain a higher percentage of organic ingredients than ever before.

We will offer a smaller but more predictable range of salads, entrees, and soups made with ingredients which are suitable for the season.

We will be able to tell you what is in our food and where it comes from.

We will know ahead of time what we are making, and in most cases, will let our customers know when it will be available for them.

We will have certain popular items available all-year-round, all the time, unless a huge busload of people from Wisconsin come in and buy all the cheeseballs (I’ve heard that happens.)

We will be constantly improving our seasonal menu, and will welcome seasonal menu suggestions from all.

While that by no means covers everything, the high points are covered.

Going forward, each season, we will offer dishes that will properly reflect the growing season as well as the spark of creativity that makes co-op food so delicious.


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