Shout Out!

Once again, it is time to let you know about an amazing thing, place or substance that I have consumed. Well, I don’t consume places, but if I could, TWEETS in Edison would be first on my list.tweets

I bring everyone who visits me from out of town to eat there. Everyone I want to come back to visit again, anyway.

Charles and David, the men who run the cafe are fantastic; personable and real with a warped sense of good humor. Their staff is incredilbly friendly. The decor is simple but creative. Their love of food is effectively communicated in every dish they serve.

Every poached egg is properly soft, every bit of meat cooked perfectly. The desserts there are just sweet enough to appease and entice simultaneously.

I have eaten many wonderful meals there, but by far, my favorite is the Torta Rustica. It is magical, inspiring, life-affirming, and strangely good for what ails you. Yes, it is medicinal. I have no evidence-based research to back me up, but as the latest studies suggest, evidence which has been researched is not reliable.

So, go to Tweets. That place is heaven. Just don’t be a jerk. They don’t like jerks there.




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