How Could it Possibly be Spring?

So, here we are, almost three weeks into the winter menu, and it is already time to start thinking about SPRING. I am looking into all the new and exciting things we can start cooking with, and let me tell ya, save spring greens and Asparagus, there isn’t a lot of difference between winter and spring. spring

Given the opportunity, I could go off on about a million different food-related topics, but the thing I have not yet done, save for mentioning it in my first post, is just take a moment and appreciate how lucky we are at the Co-op Deli to be doing what we do.

We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to look for better quality products, and better ways to make our products, constantly. We get to research what other delis do by visiting cool places and eating yummy food. We get to constantly improve our processes by including as many co-opians as we can at every step. We get to talk to local farmers and businesses about the great local food they are creating. We get to talk to our members about the food they love.

To provide context, I have worked in places where I served food that I KNEW was killing people slowly, OR that was created through slave labor, OR was created a good three weeks (or months) before it was served. I have worked in places where the work environment was dangerous and hostile. I have worked in places where I had to wear polyester JUMPSUITS! No, really. Polyester. Jumpsuits. And not the cool Charlie’s Angels kind.

Yes, it will soon be Spring, and with the season comes new hope, new challenges, and obviously, Asparagus. We are truly lucky to do what we do, in the way that we do it. Even if I never had to wear polyester, I would know that.



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