Many New Items, Plenty of Time.

Board lunch and deli pics 020Wow. You will not believe all the stuff going on in the Co-op kitchens right now. So much change, so much new and exciting stuff, I will give you a brief run-down to keep you up to date:

  • Grab n go selection at both stores will be expanding. We will be updating and adding new items over the next several months.
  • Preparing to move the bakery next year and shift some of the production to the Cordata store.
  • Getting ready for the Annual Meeting & Party, baby! This year is going to be the best yet! And NO WAITING IN LINES!!!  Just kidding. There will still be waiting in line. But we will try to entertain you with our hilarious antics and smiling faces while you wait.
  • Piroshkies!!!! Oh.My.Goodness. If you have not had one of our new and improved Piroshkies, you simply have not lived. We have started making the dough in our very own co-op bakery with organic flour, organic sugar and free-range eggs. Seriously. Go get one. They are offered at the downtown location and soon to be seen at Cordata.
  • The Dirty Dozen Project. We are attempting to rid our foods of The Dirty Dozen so that the quality of your food goes up while keeping our prices reasonable. The great thing about this is we will start working much more closely with local farmers in order to procure awesome produce for our delicious recipes. Fresh roasted chili peppers, anyone?
  • As always, trying to find and eliminate GMOs in the foods we serve. It never fails to amaze me how challenging this process is. It is why we have started making our very own Piroshky dough. Which is epic. If you hadn’t heard.
  • Seasonal Menu Planning! Spring is comin’. Asparagus is coming with it.
  • Cheese! Look for Seasonal cheeses, Cheese of the month, more demos at both locations, and yes, you guessed it, A CHEESE BLOG.
  • Cake!  I guess that is not new. I just love it.

I hope you have enjoyed this update. Please let me know if you have any concerns, questions, criticisms or compliments. I am open to all. And cake. Always open to cake.


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