Simplicity at its Finest

Board lunch and deli pics 003I love it when a plan comes together.

At the Co-op Delis, we are devising many plans in order to keep our members well-informed.

One of these, our seasonal playbook, while still in its infancy, is already building up steam and creating opportunities for us to keep our members informed about the goings-on in our kitchens.

The latest revelation: We will most likely be able to let you know, via the Co-op website, in each season, what our seasonal deli salads will be! I know. You are blown away. You are overwhelmed with gratitude, I get it. I’ve been there.

Just like Bob said in the movie What About Bob?, “It’s so simple, yet, so brilliant!” (He was talking about death therapy with a bomb tied around his neck, but you get my meaning.)

Most likely, as time goes on and we get a handle on all the recipes we are managing, the Delis will also be able to keep you informed about entrees, soups, grab-n-go items, and baked goods too.

So, hang in there, ladies and gentlemen, very soon, you will be able to plan your meals the old fashioned way: via the internet!


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