What Community is All About

snow!Yesterday was one of those days at work where I am reminded how lucky I am to work at the Co-op.

First of all, I got a ride to work with a friend of mine. Nothing like carpooling.

Shortly after I arrived, I had a mini BANANA CREAM PIE for breakfast. It was, as Jim Morrison once famously said: “Heavenly in its brilliance.”

After doing a lot of rewarding and interesting work planning for the Annual Meeting and Party, I took the bus from the Cordata store to the Downtown store.

I was sitting at my desk downtown, minding my own business, when Matt, HR officionado supremo, came in wearing snow pants. He was waiting for a shovel to arrive so that he could shovel the walk around the store. We reminisced for a bit about winters in the midwest, then he mentioned that he had wanted to get home to play with his kids in the snow, and he didn’t know how possible that was going to be if he had to wait much longer.

I saw my opportunity and grabbed it, told him to go home, and anxiously awaited the shovel’s arrival.

I can’t tell you how great it was to shovel snow again. People stopped to thank me, talk with me, one guy even helped me and showed me an awesome technique for removing snow swiftly and effectively. The process effectively re-connected me to my midwest roots, without the horror of actually having to be there.

I did quite a bit of shovelin’ then handed the shovel over to Denise, the downtown store manager, who was itchin’ to finish the job. I then went inside and warmed my bones with an Almond Milk Chai. I snowtwo!am ardently in love with the Co-op’s Chai. It is organic and made from scratch and goodness, and it will cure what ails ya.

After doing a bit more work on the Seasonal Spring Menu, (coming this Spring to a co-op near you), I decided to call it a day. As I walked to the bus stop from the store, I thought to myself how lucky I am to be able to have such a varied and exciting day.

If you have the ability, go out some at some point and do something for your community. No matter what it is, or how much you love it, it is made that much better knowing that your efforts have helped others.




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