A Common Language

I heart youYou know how people say that love is the universal language?  While others state that math, in fact is the language that is universally understood? I would posit that for many of us, well, most of us, food is the universal language, and the way it speaks of our culture and values is unmistakable.

That is why I like working with the people in the Co-op delis and bakery. There is an agreed-upon language which is spoken, and this language clearly illustrates that local, organic, non-GMO and quality food is sacred. Above all else, to these truths we cling.

Unfortunately, it makes some of us (me) a bit of a food snob. The other day, someone I know (who will remain nameless for the purposes of this blog) told me she was going to Jack in the Box, of all places. Before I knew what I was doing, I gave her a look of disgust. She misunderstood my look and assumed I was worried about her having enough time to get there and back in the time allotted, and before I knew what was happening, I said something like, “I actually can’t believe you are going to put that stuff in your body.”

Yeah, I did. I work so hard all the time to not appear to the outside world that I am judgmental, all the while silently judging everyone who crosses my path, then, out pops this doozy. I felt horrible. I couldn’t believe I said such a thing. Well, actually, that is also untrue. I am not at all surprised. I was thinking it just seconds before.

Moments later I realized what my problem was. It is the problem with things such as fast food, GMOs, and my generous and non-judgmental nature; they are all patently untrue. Yes, there is some real food in fast food, but for the most part, the way fast food is produced is by nature, synthetic. GMOs? Same. My non-judgmental nature? This exists only in the deep recesses of my imagination.

I guess in its own way, authenticity is just another language. Unfortunately, it is not as universal as love, math, or food, but it breeds trust and an environment of generosity. Just another reason the Co-op is such a great place to work. Even if you happen to be struggling with a false sense of elitism, like I do on occasion, you can rest assured that the food at the co-op is what it claims to be. It says so all over our labels.



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