Too Much to Talk About

While it is always quite busy in the Co-op kitchens, it is particularly busy right now in Deli Land. We are all hustling, preparing for the expansion of the Grab N Go section expanding roughly three or four fold at the downtown store. The deli employees have created a whole bunch of meal solutions based on customer requests. There will be Paleo boxes, meat and potato combos, chicken and noodles, new wraps, new quesadillas, and even roasted chi04-2013-Catering-Veggie-Hummus-Tray-IMG_4820ckens with roots available for your immediate, (or delayed), consumption. We will also be adding new and exciting salads this summer.

Additionally, catering is really picking up as summer approaches. I had the opportunity to deliver an order on Saturday, and my goodness, did the platters look lovely! It is really and truly amazing what you can do with a bunch of organic food and a large rectangular platter. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be quite astounding in terms of catering, so if you have any notion that you might need our catering services at any point in the near future, you might want to give us a call. We are filling up fast!

There is a bit of sadness as well; our Assistant Deli Manager at the Cordata store, Ashley Hoppes, is stepping down in order to focus on her studies. Her multi-dimensional talents have been a real asset to the Deli, and her managerial presence will be missed. The good news is that she will stay with the Co-op as the Specialty Cheese Department Head. Have you discovered her Cheese blog yet? Fresh from the Fromagerie? No? Well, go there NOW. It is sure to be a sensation.

The Cordata Deli’s new Assistant Manager, Kurt Stauber, will be coming in at the end of April and running the Cordata kitchen. He has loads and loads of experience in kitchens, resorts and on farms. Yes, farms. Well rounded in many respects.

As I said, too much to talk about. I am sure I left something out, but, you will be hearing from me in about a week, so I will make sure to mention it then. As for now, I am quite busy and don’t have time to sit around all day writing down all the silly thoughts that make their way into my colander of a mind.


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