Here Comes Summer.

bountiful foodWow. How time flies when you are incredibly busy. And man, are we happy that summer is coming. The Deli is ramping up to prepare its offerings for the summer and fall menus. James Aikins and Kurt Stauber, the kitchen managers at the Downtown and Cordata locations, are busy working on the Co-op’s Salad recipes, and will start working with Cloud Mountain Farm to procure produce for the specials, soups, salads, and entrees at both of our locations.

The Cordata deli is on the verge of expanding its grab n go section. There will be new meal solutions and other tasty tidbits for you to take home with you, including Paleo meals, salad shaker cups, and salad snack boxes.

The new pastries have proven to be quite the smash hit. We can barely keep the chocolate brioche on the shelf, and the Paleo muffins (grain free) are also quite popular.

There is so much more coming, too! I can honestly say that over the next twelve months, there are going to be so many changes to the prepared foods departments at the co-op it might just be unrecognizable! In the best way possible of course.

So hold on tight and keep the comments and requests coming. If you have any tips, advice, or suggestions, just email them to me at I will be happy to receive all friendly and helpful offerings.


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