The Magic of Fried Chicken

FAnimal-Bird-Chicken-Dark-Brahmasried Chicken. Is there a better metaphor for life? I think not. Take the present situation at the Downtown Deli Grab n Go case.

Fried Chicken was a hot button topic at the Co op when it was first introduced.  I didn’t think it would be worth the effort, that it wouldn’t sell, that it was not strictly healthy food. I didn’t think it was right for the hot bar.

It turned out that I was dead wrong about that. I didn’t realize that sometimes in life, people want to eat deep fried food, but they don’t want to eat the unhealthy stuff that sometimes comes enveloped in it. It is about comfort without the cost. The co-op uses organic chicken for its fried chicken, and for some, it is like coming home again, only to a much healthier home than they have ever known.

I was talking to one of the cooks about it and he explained it to me this way: “People can come in here and get comfort food like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and feel good about it because it is mostly organic and all quite harmless, as far as this type of food goes.”

Strangely, I had never thought of that. When you surround yourself with anything, you grow accustomed to it as the norm and you start to lose sight of the special-ness of it.

Co op Fried Chicken is a great metaphor for life because it is great. It is made to be appreciated by people who never lose sight of what is truly important, and who never forget how good they have it.


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