Cake is the Answer to Every Question

It is true. Cake is the answer to every question, when you have your priorities in order. For instance, The Co-op’s Show Us Your Cake Face contest starts in just under two weeks, and now, the amazing people behind the scenes at the Co-op are working on promotions and services in order to serve the Co-op’s cake eaters in more efficient and delicious ways.

Exhibit A:

Lemon-Cloud-Cake_MG_1099This, as you might know, is The Co-op’s Lemon Cloud cake. Beautiful, isn’t it? This isn’t here just because it’s pretty, though. Pictures are being taken people. We are in the midst of creating a service book for our customers which will describe in detail all of The Co-op’s glorious baked goods. All the information that is important to you; what is organic, where we get our apples, EVERYTHING. Our goal is to have the service book finished in time for the holidays. Fueled on wild dreams and amazing cake, we might just make our deadline.

Exhibit B:

Lemon-Cloud-Cake_MG_1106This is my hand holding a fork with delicious lemon cloud cake artfully balanced  on its prongs. I had the good fortune to be present during the photo shoot, you see, so I did what I could to help by holding forks and eating cake that was no longer being used. Have I mentioned how great my job is? A lot of that, as you might expect, has to do with cake.


Which brings me back to the point of this post. With just two exhibits, I have proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that CAKE IS THE ANSWER TO EVERY QUESTION.

Next time someone asks you something, do me a favor and simply reply, “cake.” See what happens. Then let me know. I would really love to hear about it.


Didja like this post? Like it! Tweet it! Share it with a friend. Everyone should know about the importance of cake. EVERYONE.



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